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Senior Software Developer with 18 years experience in multiple environments.

Experienced in Object Oriented methodologies.

Web and client-server design and development.

I like to provide solutions to problems.

Are you a Charity?

Need some volunteer IT work?

If you are a real charity (Section 170(c)) contact me to see if I'm available, and if the task holds some interest for me.

Recent Activities

  1. I have read a book in Ajax and JQuery.
  2. Expanded the partition on my development VM as 10 Gigs was too small with all the servers running on it.
  3. Updated this site with the How To section using my own simple CMS.
  4. Put a VM on a box to be my Ubuntu based SVN and MySql server to take the load off my development VM.
  5. Read a book on PHP5 Advanced Techniques.
  6. Read another book on PHP5 and MySql.